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Lumber Exchange Building was first Skyscraper of Minneapolis.

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Designed by Franklin Long & Frederick Kees, and built in 1885, the Lumber Exchange building was billed as one of the country’s first “fireproof” buildings . It is the oldest high rise building in Minneapolis and outside of New York City is the oldest building with twelve or more floors. The building you see now was built in three different stages. The original building was tall and narrow, later a wing was added and later still 2 stories were added to the top. Some call it ugly and others realize that it is a significant part of architectural history, and for that, it is beautiful in its own right.

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Gm Recycled Roofing Project Last Year Was The Biggest Ever.

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Last year demonstrated how closed loop recycling can and does work in the real world. GM removed and replaced 475,000 square feet of roof at its Customer Care and Aftersale building in Lansing Michigan. Approximately 1,000,000 feet of recycled roof membrane was replaced and all the old roofing  was shipped off to be recycled into roofing material once again and in the end, diverted about 120 tons of material away from landfills. The new roof is white and reflects the suns rays, thus reducing the heat flow and saving on Air Conditioning costs. GM currently has 74 plants that do not send any waste to landfills.