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Would Your Home Benefit From A Sunroom?

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A sunroom addition to your home can be one of the best home improvement investments that you can make. Not only will a well-designed sunroom add to the value of the home, it will also provide extra living space and beauty as well. Before beginning construction, you should decide what your needs are as well its projected uses.

Questions to Answer Before Designing Your Sunroom

When you decide to add a sunroom to your home, you will need to decide what you expect from it. Answers to these questions will help you in your planning:

Do you want year round use?

Do you want to use it only during the warm months?

Will you use it as a lunch or breakfast nook?

Will you use it to grow plants?

Do you want it to provide solar heat to the residence?

The answers to these and other questions will decide what type of design you choose for your sunroom.


Benefits of a Sunroom

A well-designed sunroom can add many things to a home. The sunroom can mean extra living space, a cozy breakfast nook, and a growing area for plants or a combination of all these things. The sunroom can also provide solar energy to warm the home on sunny winter days. The sunroom can also showcase a view of a garden, patio, or any other restful scenes outside the home.

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Happy Presidents Day!

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All of us at Sela Roofing wish you, your family and co-workers a good holiday!

Storm Damage?

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After the great snow of the last few days, it is perfectly understandable if your home exterior needs a little help. At Sela, we work with you to find the problem, fix it correctly and work with your insurers to make the process seamless. Don’t just take our word – listen to our customers.

Sela Customer Testimonials – Storm Damage

The People of Sela

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We are incredibly proud of our team and the great job they do for our clients – on all types of home improvement projects!

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Spring Dreaming – Sela Patios & Decks

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With the weather so cold, it is hard to forget that we do have summer in Minnesota. So if you are dreaming about home improvements this spring – doesn’t this look amazing?

Give us a call and get on the schedule so you can kick off cook out season with a bang this year!