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Spring Dreaming – Sela Patios & Decks

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With the weather so cold, it is hard to forget that we do have summer in Minnesota. So if you are dreaming about home improvements this spring – doesn’t this look amazing?

Give us a call and get on the schedule so you can kick off cook out season with a bang this year!

Save Money On Energy In The New Year

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The good people at Energy Star have some great tips on how you can bring down your energy bills with some simple tips. Of course, the more efficient your home is the more money you save in the long run. If you haven’t converted to the latest green and efficient methods, we are happy to be your guide in helping you as well!

More Snow???

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Is the snow causing issues with leaking in your home? We can help.


Just say Sela!



Five Good Reasons To Go Green With Your Roof

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It’s easy to surmise that a green roof is something that’s good for the environment. However, besides being ecologically-friendly, it can also be an effective way of regulating indoor temperatures and helping homeowners save a considerable sum of money on heating and cooling costs.


Green roofs first became popular in the 1960s when German homeowners took to using them as a standard component of their houses. However, studies show that the concept of green roofs had already been in practice many centuries ago in some parts of Europe. Today, a steadily growing number of home owners are having green roofs installed.


If you’re still on the fence as to whether to install a green roof for your house or not, here are 5 good reasons to do so:


1. Green roofs come with substantially greater insulation than regular roofs. In one Canadian study, it was found that during the summer, green roofs help lower cooling needs by 25% and during the winter months, they help lower heating needs by 25%. This means lower energy costs.


2. Green roofs last up to three times longer than ordinary roofs. The special components of the green roof give it a high level of protection against extreme heat, making it very durable even during the hottest summer months. With regular roofs, constant exposure to temperatures of more than 176 degrees Fahrenheit (80 degrees Celsius) can cause fissures and brittleness, but this is not a problem at all with green roofs.


3. Green roofs retain much more water than regular roofing materials. In fact, only 25% of rainfall that hits green roofs will eventually run off into the streets and drainage systems below. The 75% is retained by the green roof, to be released naturally into the atmosphere once the weather clears up. The main advantage of this feature is that a lot of floods can be prevented and drainage congestion will be avoided.


4. Green roofing is heavily supported by most governments because besides being effective in regulating indoor temperatures, these special roofs can reduce the extreme heat reflected onto the surrounding areas. This benefit is most greatly felt in congested urban areas where houses are built very closely together. When the sun’s rays strike the roofs, a lot of the heat is reflected to the environment and this can cause overheating of nearby power grids.


5. Green roofs make a house look much more aesthetically appealing. They also provide a much-needed sanctuary for birds, insects, and other small animals especially in busy cities where gardens and parks are hard to find. In addition, having a green roof on your home will also increase your property’s value by a considerable margin, making it much easier to sell in the market when the need arises.


To go green with you roof, give us a call!

Sela Awarded GAF Master Elite Awards From GAF

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We are proud to announce that Sela Roofing was awarded the GAF Master Elite and Master Select Awards for Business Excellence for low slope and steep slope roofing.



As one of only two contractors in the Midwest to receive the awards, we are proud of our incredible team!

Introducing Owens Corning Devonshire Shingles!

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Owens Corning unveiled their latest line of shingles. The Devonshire™ Shingles product line offers an affordable alternative to other slate-look shingles and are built to provide beauty and performance for many years to come.




Call us today to find out more!

Sela Roofing Honored By Owens Corning For Sustainable Building

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We are proud to receive the prestigious 2014 Platinum Award from Owens Corning for our commitment to sustainable building practices through our successful shingle recycling program.

The annual Owens Corning ™ Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractor awards ceremony honors the country’s most distinguished roofing contractor businesses for outstanding achievement, integrity and industry leadership.


“Owens Corning Roofing is proud of the success Sela Roofing and Remodeling has achieved within our Platinum Roofing Network by implementing shingle recycling services to help divert the tear-off materials from landfills,” said Matt Roth, Director of Contractor Services, Owens Corning Roofing and Asphalt. “Sela Roofing and Remodeling’s commitment to sustainable business solutions exemplifies why our Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Roofing Network is truly the preferred choice by homeowners across the country.”